Parents Should Be Parents

That’s an obvious statement, right?

Well, apparently not to many, many people with whom I’ve interacted in the recent past.

Some parents try to be their kids’ best friends. They let them do whatever they want and they buy them whatever they want. These parents refuse to set any limits. Why? Sometimes they’re motivated by fear and/or guilt, other times they’re just too exhausted to deal with demanding, whiny kids. I think such leniency is a mistake for many reasons.

I really don’t mean to judge anyone, of course. We all do what works for us.

I’m just saying that kids seek out boundaries and limits and when parents don’t give them any, they get a little…out of control. By contrast, reasonable limits and lots of guidelines help kids blossom. They better understand where you begin and they end, so to speak. They feel more secure and behave better.

It must get confusing to the kids when they have no limits. It’s harder to figure out what’s right and wrong or where craziness/hysteria/inappropriateness begins and ends.

If parents let go of the guilt and have the courage to set boundaries, we all benefit.


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