The iPhone is great for moms!


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Yes, I have to chime in and say that this device is absolutely, positively ideal for stay at home moms (and everyone else, for that matter!)! I used to have a Palm Pilot, mobile phone, and a big clunky paperback map book in my car. Now, with one device, I have all of those inside one well designed stylish tool of beauty — the iPhone. In addition to all of those features (phone, calendar, map), I’m treated to an iPod (best one ever made), all of my email, Internet access at my fingertips and so much more…

I recently saw a fun video that captures the passion some people have about the iphone.

It’s David Pogue‘s (the New York Times technology reviewer’s) YouTube video. I just can’t get enough of it. So fun…

The bottom line?
If you can swing it…
GET an iPhone!


For more info, check out my other post, Responding to iPhone Criticisms.

Endnote of thanks:

I hereby finally acknowledge and accept that all things Mac/Apple are brilliant, well designed, easy to use, gorgeous to look at and super efficient. I give full credit to my sisters who have been trying (for decades!) to make me see the light. Thanks!! You were right all along!!


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