Roger Federer Wins 12th Grand Slam Title


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Roger Federer won the U.S. Open yesterday. The match was terrific. It was one of the few where Federer seemed to really work hard to earn his title. Same was true when he played Davydenko on Saturday. At the end of that semifinal match, he seemed to be glad it was over. Is he nearing the end of his reign? I hope not.

Roger Federer is a joy to watch. In addition, he is one of the most elegant, chic tennis players of our time. I loved it when he changed (right on the court!) into the jacket (Ralph Lauren, I believe) after winning Wimbledon. Style finally comes to tennis.


What was up with his all black attire yesterday??

It was shocking (presumably intentionally) and just a tad distracting. I know that the U.S. Open is the most lenient Grand Slam tournament when it comes to rules regarding attire. Wimbledon is the strictest with its all white rule (which it only relatively recently loosened and, even then, only slightly). But all black? Hmm…

Then, in this morning’s New York Times, I couldn’t help but notice the full page (Gillette!?) ad featuring Federer in his all black garb against a black background with the words, “Darth Federer strikes again” positioned just above his head. No, no, no, please don’t take away his enchanting elegance and turn him into a dark knight or something. Darth Federer? What message are they trying to convey? Ugh.

I’ll tolerate the all black (some would say chic) get up. But only for the U.S. Open. And only if it comes without some dark PR connotation.



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2 responses to “Roger Federer Wins 12th Grand Slam Title

  1. The All Seeing Eye

    Federer is very good; however, I don’t think he could beat “Pistol” Pete.

  2. bmg_mom

    Well, we’ll see about that!

    From what I understand (announced in May earlier this year), Federer will play Pete Sampras in Asia in November.

    Actually, it’s funny you should mention Pete. I never thought I’d enjoy watching someone play as much as I enjoyed watching Pete (especially the fantastic form of his serve).

    But I have to admit that Federer is just as fun to watch.

    I hope that match in November happens. Then we’ll see if you’re right!!

    Thanks for the comment.