Messages to Our Daughters – Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

You might want to preview the video below when no kids are around. My blog is generally family friendly, so I wouldn’t normally post something like this, but I was so impressed by the video, I wanted to share it. I love pretty things and beauty as much as the next person, but I think marketing types are exploiting women’s desires to be attractive. I wish we could be more accepting and less judgmental. I wish we could celebrate aging gracefully and be beautiful by eating healthy food and engaging in whatever forms of exercise we enjoy (e.g., playing tennis, walking the dog, taking long walks with loved ones, etc.). Instead, we’re bombarded with falsified images which we’re supposed to strive to emulate.

As always, it’s up to you whether or not you click “play.”

Fairly intense and dramatic, but really, what are some of these companies doing to our girls? Heck, to us?!

Food for thought…

BTW, the video (“Onslaught”) is part of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. You might be interested in some of the tools they provide on their website.

One of the tools is the image manipulation test shown below. The test is targeted to girls 11-16.

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty - IMT

Thanks to and her friend, Tracee at for posting the “Onslaught” video on their blogs (or I probably never would have seen it).


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One response to “Messages to Our Daughters – Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

  1. Micah Tillman

    The advertising people at Dove are geniuses. I love what they’re doing.

    I just watched Little Miss Sunshine for the second time, and think it fits right in with this discussion.