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Well, at least that’s what I think…

And I hope you do, too! Cre8Buzz has been nominated for a Mashable Open Web Award in the category, “Best Niche or Miscellaneous Social Network.” So, please support this wonderful community by clicking on this button, scrolling down until you see that category and voting for cre8Buzz. It’s that easy!

Mashable Award Button

If you haven’t heard about cre8Buzz yet, it’s a community of interesting people who are not primarily young folks in college. It includes moms & dads, political pundits, talented writers, photographers, hobbyists and so much more.

Cre8Buzz has opened up a whole new world to me as a blogger. It’s a world of supportive, funny, interesting people who are interested in the substance of my blogs and who will tell me what they think (good or bad) about what I have to say. I can count on the members of that community to comment on my posts, listen to my radio show and just ask me how I’m doing on any particular day.

I’ve seen nothing like it on the web. I’m so grateful to have become a part of cre8Buzz and would love to show my support in any way I can. If you have something to share, check it out and see what you think. If you’d like to join, let me know and I can hook you up with an invitation. Or, if you don’t want to join but you like what you see, please vote (just click on that button!).

Thanks for your support!!

For more info and a better description of the Buzz, you’ve got to click here to read Piper of Love’s post on her blog called, “Bliss in Bloom.”



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12 responses to “Best New Web Community – cre8Buzz!!

  1. Most importantly, I would never have stumbled into you and your blog if not for Cr8Buzz!

  2. i love cr8buzz! put my vote in, a while back!
    it is an amazing community! everyone there…so friendly and awesome!
    take care!

    [Thanks, Melissa!

  3. Thanks, Dan! Indeed, that’s such an important point — that cre8Buzz also allows you to meet great people who become friends before you know it. Glad to know you, too!!

  4. Ditto what Dan says. I probably wouldn’t have seriously pursued the video tutorials had it not been for your radio show. I’m not sure why your show had such an impact on my decision to move ahead with the tutorials, but it did. Thanks. 🙂 See you on the buzz!

  5. I voted yesterday! My blog tonight is going to be about this 🙂

  6. Pete:
    Thanks, that’s great! I’m so glad, b/c the tutorials are super!


  7. Thanks for the buzzlove. We appreciate it. From all of us at the buzz!

    You da bomb!


  8. Thanks, Antman! It was my pleasure.

  9. I love Cre8Buzz. Tried several other networking sites and none of them fit. This one does. I’ve really seen an increase in traffic since I joined. And several have come to sign up for my Winter Reading Challenge.

    bmgmom, thanks for joining btw. I love getting to know the people I do challenges with.

    When you get your book list posted, come back and change the link on Mr. Linky to go straight there. 🙂

  10. Hear hear! The Buzz has done wonders for me!

  11. momofali

    I voted. Wish we coulda won it. Cre8buzz deserves it, for sure!

  12. Yeah, I love it too, voted for it just a few days after joining. I’ve joined a number of communities by now, both professionally and privately, but I didn’t receive such a warm and friendly welcome before.

    And, came across a number of wonderful blogs already, like yours!
    I’ll be back,
    take care!