Winter Reading Challenge – List of Books

Winter Reading Challenge

Check out my other blog to learn more about the reading challenge I’ve decided to join.
Headed by my blogger friend Karlene at Inksplasher, the challenge runs from December 22 to March 19. Here’s the beginning of my list of books that I intend to read this winter:

Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, a non-fiction NYT bestseller about an American nurse who attempts to climb a challenging mountain in Pakistan, fails and becomes seriously ill. He is nursed back to health by villager, then promises to repay their kindness by building a school in their village. I’ve heard that it’s an uplifting story that seems like a great read for this month. That will be first book.

After that book, I plan to read Water for Elephants, a novel by Sara Gruen.


The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, which is considered a classic.

More to come…please stay tuned…


UPDATE: 1.31.08

Eat, Pray, Love

I’m adding this one to the list: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I know, it’s a little post hype. Most people who read the bestsellers read this one a long time ago. I have to admit, I’ve been reluctant to read it after having seen the author interviewed on Oprah a couple of times. The first time I saw her I decided I wouldn’t read it, but the second time it seemed as though she was softer, more humble after her rapid rise to Oprah-style fame. So, I’m giving it a shot.



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4 responses to “Winter Reading Challenge – List of Books

  1. This sounds great….but when I look at Karlene’s blog, I only see women have signed up so far. Are boy allowed in the club? What is your opinion?

    [Well, sure! I’d be surprised if she’d say no. I think it’d be great to have you in!!

    — bmgmom]

  2. Water for Elephants is such a good book. It is one of those books that I would never have just picked out on my own but I heard so many good things about it that I gave it a try. I carried it around everywhere so I could find out what would happen next.

    Enjoy your book club.


    [Hey there, old friend!! Great to see you! And glad to hear you really enjoyed that book. I’m looking forward to it (need to finish Three Cups of Tea first, though…). Hope to see you often!!


  3. Men are definitely welcome at the Winter Reading Challenge! The more the merrier. My son in law says he’s going to join but he’s a little slow getting his list up.

  4. Hooray! Thanks for letting me know, Karlene. I’ll pass on the news to Dan.