The Smile Stone Award


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The Smile Stone Award.

The wha??

Let me back up a little. Actually, to right here, January 23, 2008.

I was talking to my daughter about a post I wrote on that day. I’d reached an interesting milestone in the blogosphere and wrote a little post about it. After listening to me blabber on about number of visitors, blah, blah, blah, she quickly reminded me that I’ve always said to her that I wasn’t concerned about how many people read my posts, rather, I was more interested in providing good content. I was trying, I always told her, to disregard the stats and to focus on the substance. Well…then the conversation went something like this:

DD: “But Mom, I thought the number of visitors was not your main concern…”

BMG Mom: “Right. Well, it’s not, really. It’s just that I happened to notice it and thought it was interesting, so I wrote a post about it.”

DD: “Oh. Okay. Whaddya call it?”

BMG Mom: “This Milestone Fills Me with Gratitude.”

DD: “What smilestone? What is a smile stone? And why would it fill you with gratitude?”

BMG Mom: (chuckling) “Nooooo….milestone…it’s a milestone…it’s…hey, wait a minute…that’s a great idea!!”

And the Smile Stone Award began to bloom.

She found it so amusing that she set to work to help create it. She found the clipart, filled in the taglines and voila! Here it is:

BMG Mom’s Smile Stone Award

For me, it really is about the people who take the time to read my posts and comment on my (often wacky) observations, ruminations and ideas. It’s about the ones who seem to care, who make me laugh, who give me support just when I need it and encourage me when I feel discouraged. I’ve learned so much in these five or six months from people I’ve known for a shorter period of time than my kids’ gestation periods. So, this is my way of showing my gratitude and providing a little something to (I hope) make them smile, too.

And now…

Without further adieu, I present the first group* of Smile Stone awardees:

Jim at The Busy Dad Blog

Deb at Missives from Suburbia

Dan at Cafe Leone

Lotus at Sarcastic Mom

Piper at Bliss in Bloom

Ann** at A Nice Place in the Sun

Pete at My GPS Camera Phone

Kim at Jogging in Circles

Momo at MomoFali’s

Tara at If Mom Says Ok

Chuck at D is for Dad


Ellen at Positive Communication.

Thanks for making the world (or at least the blogosphere) a better place.


**Ann gets a special mention for providing inspiration – she gave me an award called the You Cheer Me Up award. Thanks again, Ann!! She’s been an inspiration in many ways and is a generous, talented blogger who spreads loads of sunshine and happiness.

*Please realize you don’t have to do anything except accept the award. I just wanted to do something fun (arguably a little wacky, maybe even cheesy) and recognize some outstanding blogs, each of which offers something quite different to the web.

Note: I somehow lost the last half of the group, but have added them back now (sorry about that!!)



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14 responses to “The Smile Stone Award

  1. That’s so cool, thanks! I’m a sucker for wordplay, so this is right up my alley. I’m glad to be a part of your web experience and look forward to many more posts! 😀


    My pleasure. I’m glad you like it. Your site is fantastic and well deserving of serious awards, but I’m glad to hear you accept the simple ones, too!

    –[bmg mom]

  2. Smilestone!! What a cool word. And a very cool award. Thank you so much, Bimmgee! Making random comments and wisecracks has been a part of me all my life. I’m glad I found a niche that actually appreciates what my teachers and bosses didn’t.

  3. You’re quite welcome, BD. I’m glad you did, too. Your site really does make me smile! And your comments are always fabulous!

  4. You are truly the best! Thank you so much for your kind words!

    As always, I am in awe of your words, enchanted by your style, stunned by your coolness and, shhhhh…don’t tell anyone, in love with your voice.

    You are my [blog]roll model!


    [Aw, shucks…thanks, Dan! Right back at ya!



  5. Aw, thank you so much for bestowing such an absolutely adorable award on me! You’re too sweet.

    I will display it proudly on the “shinies” page on my site! 🙂


    [Hooray! I like that — shinies page!
    And, by the way, I’m not at all sick of that picture where you’re all excited about your finalist status.


  6. Wait… wait… yes… TEARS! Well, okay. Not exactly rolling down my cheeks or anything, but I definitely welled up a little there. That is the best reward my blog has ever been given! I love it! I can’t wait to post it on my own blog. Thank you, my dear!


    [Hey, well, there’ve been many times when your posts have done that to me.

    Thanks for saying such nice things! And, you’re most welcome.

    — bmgmom]

  7. Oh, and tell Dan to back off. You have an awesome (and I’ve heard hot) husband.


    [Oh, no worries. He knows that, too. 😉

    — bmgmom]

  8. [backing off per order of Deb]


    [Wha?? Hey, keep those cards & letters coming!

    — bmgmom]

  9. Joe

    Sounds a lot like a word of the day to me. 😉


    [Oh, yeah. It’ll be the next video after Baby Soup!!
    — bmgmom]

  10. Kim

    All of these are AWESOME blogs.. Congrats to all of them..Love how you came up with the name!!


    [Thanks, Kim!

    — bmgmom]

  11. OMG… I really, really completely missed this one! My apologies for not thanking you for this awesome award any sooner!

    Even more, since I really love the award! Just looking at it makes me feel happy inside, and the fact that you appreciate my comments is completely mutual. Your blog makes me think, and rethink my own relationships with my kids, makes me aware how much I love them. Giving me that feeling, is priceless!

    Warm wishes to you (and good luck with the next steps on your new blog!)

    So, many thanks for the award,

  12. Have to claim being ignorant… I completely missed this too. I am so sorry, cuz this a uber cool award. I will add this to my Flair as soon as I can. I am humbled by your wonderful endorsement of me.

    Thank you so very much!

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  14. I’m not sure how but I missed this too. I noticed the pingback from Pete’s site which led me here.

    Thank you very much for the award!