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On Oprah recently, I saw Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan, talking about her love of sweets and her numerous candy shops called Dylan’s Candy Bar. Three levels of candy, candy from around the world, candy from your childhood, just look at it and you’ll be amazed!

If you want to give a unique valentine’s gift to someone who isn’t necessarily nutty about chocolate, I think these little items are great finds!

Here’s the swag bag she gave to the members of Oprah’s studio audience. It includes things like a “Lollipop Tackle Box, gummy bears, gumballs, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffy, Mary Janes and a limited edition Pez Princess set and can be yours (or your daughter’s (?)) for only $50:

Oprah’s swag bag for Dylan’s Candy Bar

Or, if you’d like to surprise your wife with a whimsical trinket, you can get a candy charm bracelet for that same price:

Dylan’s Candy Bar Charm Bracelet

I was so amazed at all the adorable items on this website, I just had to include a few more for you.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Makeup Bag

That’s Dylan’s Candy Bar Makeup Bag Set (above) for all of you travelers that still like a little whimsy (I’m looking at you, Missives) and the little gummy bear bag (below) for less.

Dylan’s Candy Bar little bag

Or just a simple, sassy tee with a good message.

Dylan’s Candy Bar tee

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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14 responses to “Like Candy?

  1. I mean really! Doesn’t she just have the BEST job!


    [Ooooh, yeah.

    — bmgmom]

  2. My kids love Pez… and I want the charm bracelet. Too cool!


    [That’s what I thought! Fun!

    — bmgmom]

  3. love that t-shirt!


    [They have others, too. I could go nuts in that shop!

    — bmgmom]

  4. amy

    Oh I love, love, love this store!! I’m worse than the kids when we go in! That is some really cute stuff you shared there, and me thinks I need to make a purchase or two!

    blog hoppin
    the bombed mom

  5. HP

    Cute t-shirt.

    Blog hopping–HP

  6. Very cool… I sure would love those myself…

  7. That T is great! So are all the other treats! You’ve given me a craving…
    Bloghoppin’ Hi…

  8. I’d love to give the t-shirt to my wife. She’s on a diet thought and would probably not appreciate the gesture.

    Hopping through…and enjoying!

  9. That charm bracelet is super sweet – no pun intended. Thansk for sharing. I am going to head over and check it out!

    Happy Blog Hopping,
    Anastasia Beaverhousin

  10. Kim

    Now I want candy. LOL

    What great ideas though!! 🙂

  11. Mmmmm… Candy…

    Blog hopping ~ PhatBlogHopper

  12. YUM. Suddenly my sweet tooth is awake! And no candy in range. 😦

  13. I love the candy charm bracelet . . . I’d want to eat it!!!