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When You’re Feeling Like a Failure…


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I’ve read (and loved!) this quote but when I found the video of the man actually saying it, I wanted to share it as a post.

and I like this one, too:

I hope his words inspire my kids (and not just when they play basketball).

When you’re feeling down, just remember that sometimes you need to fail in order to succeed. When you screw up or even just stumble a bit, you need to pick yourself up, put yourself back out there and keep trying. Our mistakes help us learn and make us grow. Or, more accurately, it’s the lessons from the mistakes.

I think we need to keep learning and growing all our lives. And hey, if that’s true, the sooner we stop beating ourselves up for mistakes we’ve made and view them as opportunities to learn the better off we’ll be.

Oh, and just in case you don’t know the guy, watch this to see some of his fantastic dunks:

and if you want to see just a little bit more:

Yeah…I miss seeing him play.



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