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This Milestone Fills Me with Gratitude


As of February 10, 2008, the Being a Mom is Great blog has moved here (www.soapboxmom.com). Please visit Soapbox Mom to read more articles by this author (bmg mom is now Soapboxmom).


On January 22, 2008, this blog registered 10,001 visitors. Wow!

Last fall, I started this blog (when I transferred my original blog and its old posts from Blogspot over to WordPress). Since then, I’ve met so many cool, interesting, bright and supportive bloggers and have discovered a world (in which I’m quite comfortable) of fascinating, entertaining and insightful blogs.

Hmm…are bloggers supposed to do something special or symbolic when they notice this 10K mark? Well, I’m blissfully unaware of any sort of unwritten rule or code of conduct, so, instead, I’m just going to express my gratitude for all things weblog related.

Thanks for reading;

thanks for commenting;

thanks for writing and sharing;

thanks for your support and words of encouragement;

thanks for making me laugh and (occasionally) bringing tears to my eyes.

Thanks for taking the time to look at pictures and videos I sometimes feel compelled to share.

You all know who you are and I just want to say

thanks for just being you.



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